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9 September 2015

Results JB - F  |  Results JB - M

8 September 2015

Results CNF - F  |  Results CNF - M

7 September 2015

Results CWT BF - F  |  Results CWT BF - M

6 September 2015

Results CWT - F  |  Results CWT - M




CMAS has entrusted FIPSAS with the organisation of the first edition of the Apnea Outdoor World Championships. This freediving event, for which an ad hoc Organising Committee has been created (Apnea Outdoor World Championships Ischia Island 2015), will take place on the Island of Ischia, in the locality of Sant’Angelo (Municipality of Serrara Fontana) from 4 to 11 October 2015.
The following specialities will be staged: 

1. Constant weight with two fins (CWT BP) M/F
2. Constant weight with monofin (CWT) M/F
3. Constant weight without fins (CNF) M/F
4. Jump Blue (JB) M/F

In the last few years FIPSAS, in agreement with CMAS, has introduced changes to competitive outdoor apnea activity, turning the traditional formula of individual record attempts into extemporaneous competitions among several divers.

Over the past three years FIPSAS has organised the Italian Freediving Championships, and has been planning and is about to stage an event of worldwide relevance in the seas around Ischia Island.

Thanks to the fame of the Island, its natural beauty and the special features of its marine environment, the event is sure to rouse the interest of many people.

In addition to being a major international event, with the participation of the world’s best divers, this initiative will also be an opportunity to attract all outdoor apnea enthusiasts to Ischia. The Organising Committee has planned a number of initiatives, including a “tourist package” offer aimed at all FIPSAS members.



Sunday 4 October 

Arrival and check-in of National Teams
Checking of documents and issue of badges

Monday 5 October
Morning: Official practice CWT – CWT BP – CNF – JB
Afternoon: Opening Ceremony at Piazzetta di Sant’Angelo; followed by Technical Meeting

Tuesday 6 October
Morning: CWT competition M/F
Afternoon: CWT M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting

Wednesday 7 October
Morning: CWT BP competition M/F
Afternoon: CWT BP M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting

Thursday 8 October
Morning: Official practice CNF – JB
Afternoon: Technical and cultural meetings; followed by Technical Meeting

Friday 9 October
Morning: CNF competition M/F
Afternoon: CNF M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting

Saturday 10 October
Morning: JB competition M/F
Afternoon: JB M/F Prize-giving – Closing ceremony and final party

Sunday 11 October

Departure from Ischia

N.B.The organisers reserve the right to alter the chronological order of competitions for technical and organisational reasons, which may include sea and weather conditions.


DOCUMENTS                                                                               USEFUL NUMBERS

Special Rules + Forms

Out of competition sea trips and official practice



Competition Site A
(Apnea Constant Weight – main site)

N 40 41 592   E13 53 744
N 40 41 590   E13 53 925
N 40 41 414   E13 53 921
N 40 41 412   E13 53 719

Competition Site B
(Apnea Constant Weight – reserve site)

N 40 46 663   E13 51 772
N 40 46 638   E13 52 291
N 40 46 243   E13 52 284
N 40 46 253   E13 51 757

Competition Site C
(Apnea Jump Blue – main site)

N 40 41 844   E13 53 924
N 40 41 847   E13 54 180
N 40 41 736   E13 54 174
N 40 41 737   E13 53 916

Competition Site D
(Apnea Jump Blue – reserve site)

N 40 45 228   E13 53 441
N 40 45 308   E13 53 518
N 40 45 217   E13 53 746
N 40 45 145   E13 53 672

Competition Site E
Apnea Constant Weight – reserve site)

N 40 42 111    E13 50 814
N 40 42 238   E13 51 073
N 40 42 046   E13 51 308
N 40 41 903   E13 51 102

Competition Site F
Apnea Constant Weight – reserve site)

N 40 46 347   E13 52 446
N 40 46 733   E13 52 475
N 40 46 722   E13 53 097
N 40 46 338   E13 53 076


Reaching Naples by plane
Naples Capodichino international Airport is about 7 km from the city centre. From the airport the port of Naples can be reached with the Alibus shuttle service. It connects Piazza Garibaldi railway station and Molo Beverello. Ticket costs 3 euro, is valid for 90 minutes and can be purchased directly from the driver on board. Alibus leaves every 30 minutes from 6:30 to 23:30. The taxi rank is located outside the terminals: always check that taxi displays the Municipality license number. The fare is calculated by the meter, but there are also fixed fares to Napoli Centrale railway station and to Molo Beverello. It takes 15 minutes to reach the station, 20 minutes to Piazza Municipio and Molo Beverello and 25 minutes to molo Mergellina.
Trains and railway stations in Naples
Trenitalia connects major Italian cities to Naples. The main railway station is Napoli Centrale, in Piazza Garibaldi. The station is served by  taxis, buses, the underground and circumvesuviana railway line that connects Naples with towns around Vesuvius and directly to Sorrento. Please note that Piazza Garibaldi station, specified in the timetable of some trains, and Napoli Centrale are the same station. Taxis connect Napoli Centrale station to Molo Beverello and offer fixed fares. Buses to reach the boarding piers are R2 and tram-car 1. Tickets cost 1.10 euro and can be bought at news-stands. Another railway station in Naples is Mergellina. It is 300 metres away from the Mergellina pier where you can get hydrofoils to Ischia.

Public transport from Stazione Centrale to Molo Beverello in Naples
Bus R2: from 5:20 to 24:00 – Every 7 to 10 minutes.
Tram 1: from 5:35 to 23:00 – Every 10 to 14 minutes.

Reaching Naples by car
Naples can be reached by car from cities in Northern and Central Italy with the A1 Milan-Naples motorway. In Naples you can take the ring road and the exit in Fuorigrotta to get to Mergellina or the barrier Centro-Porto to get to Molo Beverello. Coming from Bari you can take the A14 Naples – Canosa motorway, coming from south take the A3 Naples – Reggio Calabria going north. Close to the embarking ports to Ischia there are some supervised car parks where you can leave your car.

Satellite navigation system coordinates
Napoli Mergellina: 40.82826123119864, 14.221436977386474
Molo Beverello: 40.837531586858354, 14.253923892974853
Calata Porto di Massa: 40.84201206465062, 14.259932041168213

From Naples to Ischia
From Naples you can get to Ischia from the ports of Calata Porta di Massa, Molo Beverello and Mergellina. If you are travelling with cumbersome luggage, you must buy a ticket for each piece of luggage and show it prior to boarding. Hydrofoils depart from Molo Beverello, very close to Piazza Municipio, whereas ferries leave from Calata Porta di Massa, where you can embark also your car. The Molo Mergellina is 300 metres away from the Mergellina railway station. If you are travelling by car, please note that on the Island the circulation of cars of people residing in Campania during peak season is forbidden, usually from the week before Easter to the first week-end of October. It is therefore advisable to leave the car in a supervised car park close to the port.



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